Outstanding Vancouver Restaurants That Serve Locally Grown and Sustainable Dishes

Supporting restaurants that choose to use local sourced ingredients is important for BC’s economy and food scene. Here are several Vancouver restaurants that have made a commitment to sourcing their food locally and support food sustainability within their walls.

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6 Vancouver Eateries That Every Foodie Needs To Try in 2019

New restaurants pop up all the time in Vancouver. But it can be difficult to keep track of them all - let alone try all of them! We’ve shortlisted all the notable spots that opened in 2018 so you can use this list as a “let’s eat here” bucket list for 2019.

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The Ultimate Guide To Dine Out Vancouver

Vancouver largest food festival is quickly approaching. The popular food festival is in its 17th year running and seems to get bigger and better every year. With over 300 restaurants and a dozen of festival events, it may be a bit overwhelming for some people. This guide will help you prepare for what’s to come for the big event.

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Vancouver’s Most Popular Foods of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we’re looking back at all the food that created hour long line ups and enormous amounts of social posts.

And whether you agree with the hype (and lined up for an hour) or not - their popularity was no joke.

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3 Vancouver Restaurants That Give You A Taste of Singapore's Complex Food Culture

Singaporean food is comprised of ingredients and culinary styles that we are familiar with from other Asian cuisines. However, it rarely sits on the top of the list of people’s cravings. But with the popularity of Crazy Rich Asians, this may begin to change.

Here are 3 Vancouver Restaurants that give you a taste of Singapore's rich food culture.

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5 Japanese Restaurants You Must Try In Vancouver That Aren't About Sushi Or Ramen

Although Vancouver has access to amazing sushi restaurants wherever you turn, there’s so much more that Japanese cuisine has to offer in Metro Vancouver. From omurice to Italian-Japanese fusion, here are 5 restaurants you must try in Vancouver that aren’t about sushi or ramen.

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