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Zero Waste Grocery Store Nada Expands With Cafe

Vancouverites are all about being sustainable and being environmentally friendly, so it’s no surprise that a zero waste cafe opened up its doors on one of the busiest street of Vancouver.

Nada initially started out as a zero waste grocery store and recently expanded to include a cafe on its premises. Previously a marine biologist, Nada’s CEO Brianne Miller witnessed firsthand the amount of waste in our oceans. Not surprisingly, majority of the waste was food packaging. To solve this problem, Nada set out to reinvent the way we shop for groceries – by getting rid of packaging. Nada’s vision for the future is to create a good system that supports the health of both the planet and its people.

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The true spirit in zero waste is embodied in their daily harvest. Their daily soup, salad and smoothie depends on what they have a surplus of on the floor to ensure nothing goes to waste. Expect a pumpkin themed special if they have a huge order of pumpkins that week. I was told the spicy peanut soup is to die for!

The cafe carries coffee beans from Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters, cookies from Two Daughters Bakeshop, loaves from Erin Ireland and Cinnamon Rolls from The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe. In line with Nada’s mission to be sustainable, all suppliers have to complete a checklist to ensure best practices.

In terms of their regular menu, Nada recommends their Sweet Toast. Pair that with an Americano or their house made Cashew Milk and you’re good to go.

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What makes Nada special is also their effort to be accommodating and flexible. You could grab a fresh banana from their grocery store and get the cafe to slice it to add to your oats.

Everything on the menu is vegan in order to cater to a more inclusive community.

My favourite thing about Nada’s Cafe is their suspended coffee system. For $5, customers can pay for someone else’s drink to make their day.

In an effort to be sustainable, Nada has a Bring Your Own Cup/Cutlery #BYOC policy. The idea is to say no to disposable cutleries in order to decrease the amount of waste in the world. Nada also has a no to-go cup policy. Bring your own tumbler or pay a deposit for their mug in which you can get it refunded when you bring the mug back on your next visit.

Staff are also super friendly and passionate about all things sustainable, so feel free to drop by and have a chat with them.

PS: Don’t forget to bring your own cutlery.

Photographed by Selena Chua


Address: 675 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1X7
Phone: (778) 806-3783

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