Thirsty? We Found The Largest Bubble Tea in BC

Photo credit: River Market New Westminster

Photo credit: River Market New Westminster

You can’t deny that Bubble Tea, or Boba, has been generating a unrivalled amount of hype among Vancouver food lovers. There’s just something about those soft, chewy pearls that’s so addictive.

Everyone can’t seem to get enough.

There’s just something about the chewy, dense texture of tapioca pearls combined with the mesmerizing flavours of colourful sweet tea that has managed to captivate food lovers everywhere. It’s a treat that’s accessible, fun to eat and look at, and most of all, tasty.

But sometimes, a large size cup doesn’t fully satisfy your BBT cravings. That’s why Ninja Bubble Tea is has something bigger and bolder: The 1L BBT Cup.

That’s right. One full litre of your favourite drink. That’s 350ml more than a Venti at a Starbucks. No more buying two drinks and pretending one is for your friend when you’re really going to drink both.

Photo credit: Ninja BBT

Photo credit: Ninja BBT

This local joint first opened in 2013 by a few locals in the humble town of Coquitlam and since then has built a cult following from locals, especially high school students. They even have a specialty drink dedicated to students from the local high school. Simply shout “Ninja” and their staff will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Since day one, we’ve always been focused on customer service and differentiating ourselves from the competition. Five years ago when we started, no Bubble Tea shop had ever offered a 1-Litre Size Cup - so we came up with the idea, released it, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive since!
— Co-Owner Justin Umali
Photo credit: River Market New Westminster of Ninja Bubble Tea Express

Photo credit: River Market New Westminster of Ninja Bubble Tea Express

The bottom of these cups are piled high with chewy pearls. Choose from a variety of flavours like THE LOCO FERRERO (Ferrerro Rocher flavoured), the OREO WATCHA MATCHA (Oreo + Matcha - was there ever a better combo?) and of course, the classic Ninja Milk Tea to quench your bubble tea addiction.

Aside from BBT, they also serve Whip-Top-Screamers (think Frappucino-turned-bubble tea drink), Green Smoothies, Slushies, TERI-MAYO hot dogs reminiscent of Japadog and even ninja style POUTINE.

Although Ninja BBT is catered to a younger crowd, thirsty bubble tea lovers may find the 1L bubble tea a good option.


2972 Glen Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P7

Ninja Bubble Tea Express River Market Westminster Quay: 131 – 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9

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