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All About The Unique Coffee Experience at Vancouver’s Train Station Cafe: Platform 7

Tucked away on the corner of West Broadway and Vine is a small cafe unlike any other. What makes Platform 7 so unique is that their Paris train station interior design, commitment to high-quality coffee and a chill vibe that spawns from the 70s.

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What is the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival and Where Should You Go?

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is upon us! With some of the best cafes and patisseries on the west coast, we’re pretty lucky here. Learn more about the annual hot chocolate festival, which Vancouver cafes are participating, and the ones you should have on your list.

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New All-In-One Vancouver Cafe, Shop, Bakery and Space, 'The Garden'

The Garden isn’t just any pretty and hip cafe. Located in Strathcona - the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver - The Garden is a genius combination of a cafe, retail shop, and space for workshops and events.

We sat down with owners Anna McMillan and Rheanna Miller to hear more about the inspiration behind The Garden.

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