Noms Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Noms Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holidays are in full swing, which means, among other things, it’s time to get your gift-giving act together! Maybe you love gift-giving, or maybe you don’t have much an idea when it comes to presents. But even if you’re gift-challenged, don’t sweat it. Armed with the Christmas gift ideas in this holiday gift guide, you’re sure to find the perfect present to warm the hearts of friends, family, co-workers, and foodies.

So much swag, and so little time! Where to start? After deciding how much to spend (don’t set yourself up for a debt hangover come January!), figure out a broad category for each recipient’s gift. For instance, if your co-worker is a coffee connoisseur, check out the coffee section. We’ve included categories that should cover just about everyone on your list:

Since we favour food products as the perfect gift, we bumped the foodie gifts toward the top of the list. But two categories have to come before food: Mom and Dad gifts. Let’s start with Mom.

*This guide includes Affiliate links where we may receive a small amount of money if you purchase something.

For Mom

Since you probably buy Mom multiple gifts each year (her birthday and Mother’s Day, for example), you may find yourself running low on Christmas gift ideas. But don’t default to a bouquet of far-out-of-season flowers—your mother poured so much into you that you should go out of your way to find a gift she’ll cherish. Here are a few ideas for all price points:


Fleece Mill Scruff Slippers
Woolrich Footwear

Keep Mom’s feet warm and toasty at home this winter with these comfy slippers.

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Gardener’s Tool Seat
Uncommon Goods

No more knee pain! Convenient access to tools as Mom tends to her flowers and herbs.

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Large Ceramic Selfwatering Herb Planter

Does Mom always forget to water the plants? The self-regulating twine provides continuous water to herbs.

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Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Tracks activity, exercise, and sleep patterns. Keeps Mom healthy in a fun way.

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3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow

Professional-feeing massage for those sore backs and shoulders.

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Throw Luxe Faux-Fur Dusty Pink Blanket

A soft blanket for Mom to keep cozy while she flips through the TV channels on the couch.

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Pocket Farmacy Clutch
Saje Natural Wellness

Top 5 remedies (eater’s digest, stress, pain, immune, and peppermint halo) for Mom to safely apply whenever.

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Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy
Urban Outfitters

If Mom likes to soak in the tub, pair this gift with some fancy bath bombs and watch her beam!

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Tile Pro
Tile Inc.

No more panicking when Mom loses her keys. Use the app to ring the item and track its whereabouts.

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For Dad

Just as there’s no one type of mom, there’s no one type of dad. Is he an adventure junkie, a golf nut, a couch potato, or a wine lover? Some of those types are easier to buy for than others. But Dad’s sacrificed a lot for you, too, so don’t give him another tie unless it’s a classy bow tie he’s been salivating for. Browse through these Christmas ideas for some off-the-beaten-path presents.


Round Head VertuoPlus Deluxe

Helping Dad brew the perfect single serve coffee or espresso drink with just one button.

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Microwave Popcorn Popper
Uncommon Goods

The item your Dad will be reaching for every time the sports game is on.

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Double Wall Ceramic Sparkle Blend Tumbler

Who says Dad can’t be hip? Make Dads hip.

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Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Versatile and comfortable to wear in the house or out in the yard during a barbecue.

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WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

The better alternative to flossing. Healthier gums too! Dad can get behind that!

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Lattissima One

Now Dad can have the best Cappuccino or Macchiato at home ☕️

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Google Home Mini

Maybe the only Assistant that can handle Dad’s jokes. Ok Google, do your thing.

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Google Chromecast

Become the favourite child by letting Dad stream his device to the big screen.

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Ipad Mini 4

Deep down you want one yourself. But Dad first. Maybe he’ll share sometimes.

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For A Foodie

This may be your most difficult type of person to shop for, since you may wind up buying extras for yourself! Again, you need to decide what type of foodies your friends are. Do they favour the savoury or the sweet? Do they like to whip up their own concoctions, or are they partial to hunting culinary hot spots in Vancouver and beyond? Fear not—we’ve got something for all stripes of foodies!

1000 things to eat before you die

1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die
By Mimi Sheraton

A mouthwatering list for a foodie to cross off as they travel, eat, and explore the world.

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purdys hedgehogs

Hedgehogs (20pc)

Bringing back those childhood memories. Young and old will enjoy these hogs!

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scratch map of the world

Scratch The World
Maps International

Let them scratch off the places they’ve visited to reveal their next food adventure.

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dash red mini waffle maker

Dash Red Mini Waffle Maker
Crate & Barrel

It may not be Cafe Medina or Nero in your house, but this single-serve compact waffle maker still does the job.

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commissionary Connect gift

Vancouver Local Brand Holiday Gift Box
Commissary Connect

Includes items from 15 of Vancouver’s most passionate food entrepreneurs. Proceeds will support the Food Bank.

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food puzzle

Little Food Puzzles
$45 – $105

They may love it or hate you for tempting them. A gamble that is worth it in our books.

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bokksu gift

Gift Classic Box Of Japanese Snacks
$39.00 (1 month option)

A curated selection of 20-25 Japanese snacks & tea pairing. Perfect for those missing Japan.

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magic bullet blender

Magic Bullet Blender (17pc set)
Magic Bullet

Use it as a blender, mixer, or food processor! An affordable all-in one appliance perfect for any foodie.

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sugarfina champagne bears

Large Cube Champagne Bears

The best bears 🐻in the world. We guarantee they’ll go wild.

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Featured Recommendation

instant pot 9 n 1

Instant Pot Duo 9-in-1 Cooker (6 Quart)
Instant Pot

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deanna woo headshot

“I always tell people I’m great at eating but not so great at cooking. You won’t find me in the kitchen much unless it’s grabbing some ice cream from the freezer. When my mom told me she bought me an Instant Pot, I was sceptical. However after some intense investigation, I realized this is the easiest way to cook food, you just chop things and throw them in! Genius! You can make rice, soup, stews, even yogurt in this. Ladies and gentleman, if you want your significant other to cook more, this is the perfect gift to encourage that. If I can do it, anyone can do it!”

—Deanna Woo, Food & Lifestyle Influencer

About Deanna

Deanna Woo is a food and lifestyle Instagrammer. She has a passion for food but she has a love for helping people which is what drove her to work in healthcare. She is best known for her “funny” puns, her obsession over fried chicken, and her addiction to Earnest Ice Cream. Her sugar consumption is the real reason why she’s so sweet. 


For Your Baker Friend

Buying for bakers is easy—and hard—because there are so many choices, from the latest stand mixer costing hundreds of dollars to a basic $15 cookie-cutter set. And don’t forget about all the ever-useful silicone goodies! But if your baker buddies’ kitchens are already chock-full of baking paraphernalia, you can always turn to consumables like an under-$20 collection of dessert and baking salts. Bon appetit!

5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer


Lightweight with adjustable speeds. For the friend baking you cookies in 2019.

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Ultimate Decorating Tool
Williams Sonoma

Simple icing tool to decorate those cute cakes, cupcakes, and cookies 🍪

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Baking Dish Set
Le Creuset Canada

3 stoneware dishes is essential for any cook or baker. Great deal for great quality.

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Vertical Waffle Maker

Hassle-free waffle maker that is easy to clean.

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Kitchen Torch
Williams Sonoma

Compact with adjustable flame. Perfect for caramelizing or browning tarts.

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Heavyweight Gold Measuring Spoons
Maison Plus

Bougie, glam, and functional. Take their next baking sesh to the next level.

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Featured Recommendation

Gail marble+pastry+slab+and+rolling+pin

French Kitchen Marble Pastry Slab & Marble Rolling Pin With Stand
Crate & Barrel
$69.95 & $39.95

Buy Now & Buy Now


“Not only is marble aesthetically pleasing, it is also naturally cooler than room temperature. This marble pastry slab and rolling pin keeps dough cool and firm while you roll it out, making buttery pie and cookie dough much easier to work with. When you’re not baking, the marble slab doubles as a beautiful charcuterie serving board. I love this for elevating your kitchen tools while being functional and versatile!”

—Gail Ng, Food Photographer and blogger of “Teak & Thyme”

About Gail

Gail is a food photographer and blogger in Vancouver with an affinity for desserts. Her blog, Teak & Thyme, which launched Summer 2018, chronicles her foodie travel guides, weekend baking, and other sweet recipes. Her photography passion began much earlier than that, as a creative calling throughout university that eventually merged with her love of food.

Instagram | Website

For Beginner Chefs

Much like the bakers, these people are such fun to shop for! It’s especially easy since they’re bubbling with that newbie enthusiasm. The perfect Christmas gift for such a person might be a sturdy, sustainably-sourced cutting board or a granite mortar-and-pestle set. And you could always gift them with an ever-useful standby like the silicone Ove’ Glove, which costs a hair above $10.


Vancouver Eats
By Joanna Sasvari and Kevin Clark

Get inspired and make 90 recipes from 45 of the Vancouver’s best restaurants.

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Tear Free Onion Goggles
RSVP International

Never have your eyes burn again while cutting onions!

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Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker

Hand crank authentic pasta in your home 🍝
Mamma Mia!

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The Noma Guide to Fermentation
By René Redzepi and David Zilbur

“An indispensable manual for home cooks and pro chefs.” —Wired

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Dirty Apron Gift Card 2.5 Hour Demo & Dine
Dirty Apron

The perfect present for the beginner chef diving into things.

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Home Tosca Cookbook Stand

Beautiful modern and practical. Use it to hold a cookbook or a tablet while you make some magic.

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Featured Recommendation

Anova+Culinary+A2.2 120V US+Sous+Vide+Precision+Cooker

A2.2-120V-US Sous Vide Precision Cooker
Anova Culinary

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“While sous vide cooking is often associated with professional chefs and fine dining, it’s actually one of the most fool proof methods available for the beginner chef and will immediately elevate your cooking. Using the Anova immersion circulator, food is cooked to the exact desired temperature with no risk of over cooking! Steaks, chicken, fish and some vegetables and sauces all benefit from the sous vide cooking method. Even better, the built in Anova app allows you to control the temperature from your phone, and access hundreds of recipes and recommendations.”

—Drew Munro, Founder and Culinary Director of Drew’s Catering & Events

About Drew

Drew Munro is the Founder and Culinary Director of Drew’s Catering & Events. He started the company as a meal delivery service out of the back of his car and has since grown it into one of the largest and most reputable event catering companies in Vancouver, winning the National Top Choice Award for Vancouver’s Best Caterer for the past 5 consecutive years. Drew and his talented team are frequently hired by world-class brands such as Microsoft, KPMG, Ferrari, Facebook and Apple to deliver memorable food experiences for their events.

Drew grew up in Chilliwack, BC and is passionate about helping young entrepreneurs in food follow their dreams. He regularly speaks at culinary schools and conferences to share his experiences, and his articles and recipes have been published in BC Business Magazine, Home Makeover Magazine, The Vancouver Sun and more.

Instagram | Website

For Coffee Lovers

A jolt of java is a welcome gift for true or aspiring coffee connoisseurs. Since this is a consumable gift, it’s not necessarily one-and-done. If the recipient sincerely raves about the gift, you might want to follow it up with the same gift in the future—not the next holiday season, of course, or the recipient might think you lack imagination.


Temperature Control Ceramics Mug

A mug that keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature with an app.

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Stagg EKG Electronic Pour-Over Kettle

Sexy matte black finish. Take the guesswork out of heating water for your pour-over.

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Chemex Classic Wood Collar Pour Over Coffeemaker

Invented in 1941 and still readily used today by baristas to make a good cup of java.

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V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Thick white porcelain even finish that is made in Japan. A must have for pour-over fans.

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Stagg x Pour-Over Set

Engineered to make the best cup every time with the slow traditional pour-over method.

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V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle 1.2L

Made in Japan kettle with a goose neck spout for maximum control during your pours.

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salton coffee mug warmer

SMW12 Mug Warmer

Keep your cup of joe the right temperature at all times. No more microwaving.

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Ceramic Coffee Canister

Airlock lid to keep your beans fresh longer and tastier. No one likes it stale.

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Iridescent Cold Cup (24 oz)

Turn heads with this majestic bling AF cup.

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For Wine Lovers

What kind of wine lover is your friend? Dabbler or connoisseur? Red, white, or whatever? To play it safe, you can present this type of person with tools for perfecting her own wine or a subscription to a drink-of-the-month-type club. Read on for other suggestions.


French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler
Crate & Barrel

Aesthetically chills your wine like a boss. You can’t go wrong with marble.

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Insulated Wine Tumbler Cups With Lid

Making wine more outdoor friendly and prevents spillage or leaks.

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Vinebox 6 Month Subscription

Personalized wine flight delivered
to their door 🥂

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Wine Glass Holder Necklace

The necklace each party should be part of. Seriously where was this all our lives?

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Metallic Wine Glass Markers
The Wine Glass Markers

No more losing your glass
oh yes!

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Wine Purse

A purse for someone who is extra enthusiastic about wine.

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Featured Recommendation


Windows On The World Complete Wine Course
By Kevin Zraly

Buy Now


“For the wine-lover in your life, I recommend Windows On The World Complete Wine Course by Kevin Zraly. I first bought this book back in 1992 and it was one of the first wine books I ever owned. When it comes to talking about wine, author Kevin Zraly had a great writing style without any pretentiousness. The guide offers a great history of his career starting from when he first began his course atop of the former World Trade Center. This book from one of the true wine director pioneers will always have a special place on my shelf.”

—Andrea Vescovi, General Manager & Wine Director of Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio

About Andrea

Born in Rome, Italy, into a family of chefs and vintners, Andrea realized at an early age that food and wine can bring joy and goodwill to any dinner table. Andrea has endeavoured to add this sense of celebration to every diner’s experience throughout the course of his culinary career.

After climbing the culinary ranks at several leading restaurants in Vancouver and Whistler, Andrea brought his deep passion and culinary knowledge to the renowned Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar in the spring of 2001. In the 14 years he served at Blue Water Cafe, Andrea played an integral role in guiding the restaurant to numerous local and international awards. During his time there, he was named Sommelier of the Year at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival in 2009, and garnished eight consecutive Platinum Glass awards for his wine list programs.

As the new general manager and wine director at Ancora, Andrea looks forward to bringing the same level of passion and focus on fine food and drink as he embarks on this new chapter in his career. And he’s equally as enthusiastic about mentoring the next generation of culinary stars as they hone their skills.

Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio
Website | Instagram | Facebook

For Tea Lovers

When it’s cold outside—and even when it’s not—these people relish the vacation-in-a-cup that tea provides. But what would enhance their sipping pleasure? Maybe it’s a Turkish teakettle-and-cups set or herbal tea. Whether it’s loose tea packed with a reusable silicone tea bag or an oversized mug, read on to score the perfect treasure for the tea lovers on your list.


Best of 2018

The 12 knockout looseleaf teas from DAVIDSTEA’s 2018 run.

Buy Now

Grow Your Own Chamomile Tea Plant Kit
Plants From Seed

A different experience! Have them grow their own tea plant.

Buy Now

Wood Box Gift Box Bundle
Tea Drops

A different type of drops that will make them go wow!

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Cold Brew Tea Filter In Bottle

Use it to craft your cold brew teas or fruit infusions.

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White Perfect Infuser

Durable, sleek, and stainless beauty to rule all the infusers.

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OXO Twisting Tea Ball
Williams Sonoma

Enjoy your warm soothing tea without all the mess.

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Chantal Vintage Teakettle
Williams Sonoma

Give a little vintage flare.

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The Modern Matcha Essentials

Give the gift of a matcha modern makeover kit! Everything they need to enjoy 🍵

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Connoisseur Collection Gift Set

The best teas from the tea company of choice by 5 star hotels & Michelin Starred restaurants.

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For Him

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for since they often don’t volunteer gift requests or even acknowledge that they want anything. Still, you want to communicate care and respect, so get something that they didn’t know they wanted or needed until you gave it to them. Check out the Dad suggestions, and look into these gaming, fashion, and macho gear choices.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel%2C Black

Novel Duffle
Herschel Supply Company

Spacious, fashionable, and even has a shoe compartment 👟

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Optoma BE2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth & sweat proof. The gear for him to get them gains.

Buy Now


Commuter Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable bluetooth speaker with 360 sound that is perfect for parties or days at the beach.

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Console
Best Buy

Super Mario? Donkey Kong? Send him back through memory lane.

Buy Now


Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears Canister

Bears 🐻for grown-ups. Has a small kick that he’ll love.

Buy Now


MXX Marshmallow Crossbow

Handcrafted and shoots as far as 60 feet. Every man’s dream.

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Featured Recommendation

Lous Vuitton Orage

Louis Vuitton

Buy Now

jacky chui headshot

“Recently I was given samples of Louis Vuitton’s new men’s fragrance line-up that launched earlier this year. I had never tried a Louis Vuitton fragrance (or even considered trying them to be honest), but all 5 from the collection are fantastic. Orage is my personal favourite from the collection. With the perfect mix of citrus and musk, it’s one of those versatile colognes that can be worn on multiple occasions.”

—Jacky Chui, Lifestyle Influencer and Marketing Manager

About Jacky

Jacky is a Vancouver-based lifestyle influencer and marketing professional powered by creativity, passion, and big ideas. He has an appreciation for coffee, an avid runner, and a penchant for eating all chocolate chip cookies that cross his path.


For Her

Unlike men, women will often communicate what they want or need for Christmas, so just ask and tailor your choice to your budget. There’s no specific “woman” gift, so you may well find the perfect gift by browsing other categories. If none of those fill the bill, consider the fashion, beauty, and food items you’ll find in this section.

sugarfina largecube rose all day

Large Cube Rosé All Day Bears

The bears 🐻to her heart.

Buy Now

cuisineart fondue set

Electronic Fondue Pot

She won’t be the only one who loves you for this – her friends will too.

Buy Now


Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Small and portable printer that connects to your phone. Print your memories together instantly.

Buy Now

YSL Rouge lipstick

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Collection

The holy grail of lipsticks. Exudes the ultimate feminine strength and edgy style.

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matt %26 nat backpack

Mumbai SM

Vegan. Cruelty free. Pairs perfectly and easily with any outfit.

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you are a badass book

By Jen Sincero

The feisty how-to guide to connect with your inner badass and change your life.

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Featured Recommendation

The horse watch

The Original
The Horse

Buy Now

jacquelinechui headshot

“Wearing a watch is a great start to add interest to an outfit. The Horse can provide you an absolute essential time piece for any special ladies in your life. The designs are minimalistic and clean, as it is also offered in several trendy colours such as pestle pink.”

—Jacqueline Chui, Lifestyle Influencer

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a social media personnel who is a part time student by day and a full time dessert enthusiast by night. She enjoys exploring Asia to try signature restaurants and spending time with her two corgis – The Stumpers.


For Secret Santa (under $30)

A Secret Santa can be surprisingly difficult to shop for since you feel so invested in the outcome. Relax—with the suggestions in this holiday gift guide, you’ll come up with the perfect Christmas gift! Since knowledge informs your choices, find out what you can about your Secret Santa. Then review the suggestions (check out the other categories, too), buy what feels most like what your recipient would appreciate, wrap, and give!

affirmators self help card deck

Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards
Knock Knock

A whimsical box to give you or others a jolt of motivation in a comedic way.

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saje kitchen party set

Kitchen Party Clean Up Collection
Saje Natural Wellness

A gift they probably didn’t know they needed at first. They’ll thank you later.

Buy Now

sugarfina champagne bears

Large Cube Champagne Bears

We haven’t met anyone who didn’t like these bears 🐻

Buy Now

Nayo the corgi car neck pillow

Corgi Butt Car Neck Pillow

For the friend who is obsessed with corgis and tags you on Facebook every day.

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purdys hedgehogs

Hedgehogs (10pc)

A safe choice that is perfect for just about anyone.

Buy Now


Best of 2018 12-Loose Leaf Tea Set

You can’t go wrong when you go with the best. A set that has tea for every mood.

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bluelounge cableyoyo

Universal Cable Yoyo

Say goodbye to tangled ear buds or charging cables.

Buy Now

subtle art of not giving a fk mark manson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
By Mark Manson

The guide to happiness that is real and raw. No BS. No Kool-Aid.

Buy Now

road to wellness saje

Road To Wellness Aromacar Diffuser Kit
Saje Natural Wellness

Make their car smell so good that they’ll end up driving for hours.

Buy Now

OK, so you’ve bought something for everyone on your list. You’ve done well, but hold on—no job is finished until the paperwork is done. Give your gift a final flourish by wrapping it up with paper and topping it with a bow culled from your gift-wrapping stash.

What? You don’t have gift-wrapping supplies stockpiled? Scoop up some deeply discounted paper and bows in a post-Christmas shopping spree. In the meantime, head to the dollar store, snag an appropriately sized bag, sign the tag, and stuff some tissue paper in the bag if it needs a little filler.  

Deliver your gifts with a flourish, bask in the compliments, and enjoy your holiday season, confident that you’ve played your best gift-giving game of all time!