Montreal's Heavenly Brunch Spot Opens In Richmond BC

Photo Credit: Eggspectation

Photo Credit: Eggspectation

One of Montreal’s most beloved breakfast spot - Eggspectation opened its doors in Richmond in late October. As someone who visited their original location in Montreal over the summer, I was excited for Vancouver to finally get a taste of this.

Eggspectation first opened in 1993 in Montreal and has since expanded to Toronto and even internationally to the U.S., Middle East and India.

Located at the Accent Inns in Richmond, this branch is the first in Canada to operate into dinner hours. In the East coast, their stores typically close at 3 PM.

As their name suggests, the omelettes are highly recommended and the Southwest Sunrise is their signature dish. It is topped with cheese, peppers and freshly sliced avocados with a side of potatoes. All their omelettes are made with 3 free run eggs as its their philosophy that healthy chickens lay healthy eggs.

As for Eggs Bennies, the Lobster Benny is quickly becoming a favourite for Vancourites which features sauteed lobster on a toasted English muffin. For more traditional bennies, go for the Smoked Salmon Benny.

If eggs are not your thing, opt for the Fried Chicken ‘N Waffles. The juicy tender chicken strips and fluffy waffles make the perfect combination.

For a taste of the East Coast, be sure to check out their Breakfast Poutine - potatoes, smoked bacon and ham, sausage and cheese with homemade gravy, topped with an egg, or the Montreal Poutine - fries with smoked meat and cheese and homemade gravy. These are quickly becoming a must-try for the branch as it’s not everyday Vancouverites get to indulge in authentic poutine.

Even though their name suggests that they are a breakfast place, Eggspectations also serves burgers and steaks. The restaurant also prides themselves on their Mimosas and Bellinis.

Eggspectation is expected to open up 3 more locations in Vancouver including the downtown area.

Location: 10551 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 3L8


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