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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Best Christmas Presents Ideas For Mom, Dad, Foodies and more.

It’s that time of the year again. As we are all getting the holidaze fever, some of our dilemmas include choosing the right Christmas present for those nearest and dearest to us.

To ease your “pain” here at Noms Magazine we have compiled a holiday gift guide. We hope you’ll find it meaningful, useful, fun and enough foodie-seducing. 

*This article contains links that will give us a small commission if you make a purchase*

For Mom 

Preparing a gift for your mom might be something you are already well familiar with. Think of all the gifts you’ve already given to her over the years now. You don’t like to repeat yourself, so browse the suggestions below and if you are lucky you’ll find your perfect gift-for-mom match.

west coast candle

West Coast Candle

Brings the smell of BC’s lush forests and majestic mountains. It’s soothing. Simply divine. Handcrafted in Vancouver. 


Indigo ruched faux fur thrrow blanket

Faux-Fur Throw Blanket

Silky softness that’ll keep mom cozy all winter long. It’s nice. Puffy. She can bring it on the chair, sofa or bed. Anywhere. 


abeego beeswax wraps

Beeswax Wrap Sheets

Help mom protect food from any germs that god forbid might be looming in the kitchen. Unlike saran wraps, beeswax wraps are environment-friendly. 


weighted blanket

Cooling Weighted Blanket

Improve her nightlife with this blanket designed for better sleep. 


travel mug

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

If mom is working in shifts or is often on the road, this mug may fit her lifestyle. It keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.


foot massager

Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Help mom’s stress release. If she is not frequent at the local massage studio, this gadget mimics professional foot massage experience. 


lush comfort of joy

Lush Comfort and Joy Set

If mom enjoys long baths, this might be the perfect pick for her. It contains a nice-smelling shower gel as well as body lotion against dry winter skin.


bath caddy

Bathtub Caddy

Treat mom like a queen. This bathe-practical will help her bring a glass of wine straight to the bathtub. Natural bamboo made. 


vitruvi diffuser

Vitruvi Ultrasonic Diffuser

Mom appreciates nice scents? This household asset diffuses essential oils and doubles as a sophisticated piece of home decor. 


For Dad

Have you bought a book for dad he never read? A t-shirt he never once wore? For most of the times, dads are inclined to more practical and fun gifts. If the old statement is true, boys will be boys. 

tile pro

Tile Pro

Dad can’t stop losing his keys? A Bluetooth tracker is the perfect solution.


cold whiskey cups

Freeze Whiskey Cups

Upgrade dad’s home bar with this fancy pair of whisky cups, designed to keep drinks cold for at least two hours. 


darth vader mug

Darth Vader Helmet 3D mug

If dad is a Star Wars devotee, this extraordinary dark Darth Vader mug with removable lid could make a perfect gift. If he ain’t a coffee fan, he can still sip whiskey in it. 


ember mug

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

A sophisticated mug for a sophisticated dad. Keeps drink at the exact set temperature. 


Waterpik Professional Water Flosser

Help dad have his gums healthier and his teeth brighter. All it takes is 1 minute a day .Pray it doesn’t end in the garage.


sous vide

Sous-Vide cooker

Want dad to eat healthier? This healthy cooking appliance will help him lower down his cholesterol levels for sure.


dash cam


Dad obsessed over his car? Help him get video proof if next time someone unwittingly scratches his car on the parking lot.


casper pillow

Casper Pillow

Dad is complaining of bad sleep or pain in the neck? You just might save the day by buying him this soft, supportive pillow. 


cold brew bears

Cold Brew Bears

If your old man has difficulty waking up in the morning, get him a good reason to crawl to the kitchen. Like this delectable stash of coffee from Cold Brew Bears.


For Her

Wondering what to get for your sister, girlfriend, best friend, best school mate? Dig in this section of our guide and get your brain going.

all day rose

Sugarfina Rose all day bears

Enticing treat infused with real Rosé wine from Provence. Yummy. Delicious. A candy wish coming true. 



Winc membership

Fill in a one-minute quiz and help the guys at Winc tailor 4 delicious wines for her each month. Hopefully, she’ll share some of it with you. 

beta5 trademark chocolates

Beta5 Trademark Chocolates

The finest chocolate you can find in Vancouver. This set has Whole Cherry, Tropical Crunch, Sparkling Praline and Thai Mango delights. 


wonderwoman apron

DC Comics Wonder Woman Character Apron

If she is your superhero. Your source of strength, courage, and love. If she is a warrior in life and you want a gift that embodies all these qualities. 


fondue set

Cuisinart Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set

If she is fond of fondue, get her this 13-piece Cuisinart iron-casted fondue set. Best thing about it: it’s dishwasher friendly. 


Portable humidifier from Joeyoung

A home improvement that can fit in the bedroom, baby room or at the office desk. It’s portable. Quiet. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

An adorable camera for adding in memorable outings into your wallet or wall decor.  


digital detox kit

Digital Detox kit

She always glued to her phone? Here’s the solution.


when is happy hour

When’s Happy Hour? By Bethes

A great no-nonsense read to help her thrive professionally. The perfect book if she wants to make a career change or take better control of her life.


For Him

Thinking about what would be the best gift for your brother, boyfriend, best friend, dorms mate? Dig in this section of our guide and get your brain going or your mouth yawning. 

hot ones pack

Hot Ones Trio Pack

Perfect gift for a hot sauce aficionado or fan. 


exploding kittens

Exploding Kittens

A dynamic card game about cats who may explode. Family-friendly approved.



Electric toothbrush from Quip

The sleekest toothbrush out there. Almost 10,000 five stars product reviews. 

bro mask

100% Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Bros need to look pretty too. Contains various vitamins and extracts that could aid blemishes, redness, fine lines or sun burnts. 


charging station

Aresh 3 in 1 charging station

For charging his too many gadgets. It’s wireless. Compatible for Apple Watches, iPhones, Notes, AirPods.


vessi shoes

Vessi Men’s Cityscape

For his long hours of urban trekking Vancouver. A lightweight and waterproof pair of shoes he’ll wear everywhere. 

nutri blenderr

Nutri Pro Blender

To boost his healthy food habits. The Nutri Pro will smith any of his delicious, liquid breakfast. Can crush ice and frozen fruits.


sleep light

Casper Glow Light

A cozy ambient in his bedroom. Intimate light. Ambiental. For a soothing and calming sleep experience. 



Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin 

A book to empower him to make changes in his life. Like breaking up with his boring boss and finding a new, better-paid job. 


For Foodies

Someone in your close circle is a foodie? Whether they fancy matcha, chocolate or boba, or they just want to experiment in the kitchen by themselves, you are on the perfect page to look for an appropriate gift. 

whisk matcha

Whisk Matcha – competition grade matcha

For friends and family crazy for matcha. An award-winning organic matcha. First harvest.


noodle bar

Beta5 Noodle Bar

Like any Beta5 delight, the Beta5 Noodle Bar is simply luscious. Contains 46% milk chocolate, togarashi spiced peanuts, togaraphis piece and ramen noodles. 


tokyo treat

Tokyo treats Premium box

A special treats straight from Japan.

sauce making kit

Hot Sauce Kit

A worthwhile kitchen addition for anyone addicted to hot and spicy foods. The kit contains a set of recipes, storing bottles and enough ingredients for preparing 7 different sauces.


mini donut machine

Mini Donut Maker

For foodie mates who are always up for a bite of good donut. The mini waffle machine was so last year.


commissary connect gift

Holiday gift box from Commissary Connect

Presented by Vancouver’s local food vendors. Available in Original or 100% Plant-Based option. Proceeds go to the food bank.


pizza sleeping bag

Pizza-styled sleeping bag

For kids and grown-up friends who keep the kid in them. Perfect for relaxation. Have side-zippers. Will make you crave for pizza all the time.


meatless ground compressor

Meatless Ground

Plant-based ground that makes it easy to reduce meat intake.


For Anyone

If you still have any holiday gifts dilemmas, you just landed to a section of our guide that contains gift suggestions that might work just for any person in your life and at any point of your relationship. 

mind the minimal planter

DODE Concrete Planter

A lovely, mind-the-minimal, handcrafted concrete planter. Perfectly embraces geometry. Great interior detail.


champagne bears

Champagne bears

Perfect delights made with Dom Pérignon Champagne. Dubbed as “the perfect party favor” by Cosmopolitan magazine.


smart garden 3

Smart Garden 3

An unusual yet winning holiday gift option. You can’t get more inventive than this. Grows appetizing herbs, fruits and vegetables all by itself. 



Instant Pot Duo

The sublime appliance of the insta-age. Prepares food with a minimal contribution. A multi-use programmable pressure cooker. Particularly handy for preparing rice.


fit inspire

Fitness Tracker

A gift that shouldn’t disappoint your more athletic friends. Can measure heart beat, steps, calories burned, activity time.



Hedgehogs from Purdy’s

Unique chocolate flavour and captivating shape. 100% sustainable cocoa used for each hedgehog. Has creamy, extra-nutty hazelnut gianduja. Mouth-melting.


starbucks gift card

Starbucks gift card

If you’re really really stuck on what to get… 

miku gift card

Miku/Minami Group Gift card

Who would say no to this?

For White Elephant

A true holiday gift guide is complete only if it comes with an appropriate White Elephant gifts section. These are either the best or worst gifts you can possibly give to someone. 

what to make for dinner

What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? By Zach Golden

50 recipes compiled to save you the headache from choosing what to make for dinner.


stuff i need to remember

 Shit I Need to Remember by Honey Badger Coloring 

For your mate who is an ultimate mess and needs to take better care of remembering their passwords or deadlines. 


cube timer

Datexx Miracle Cube Time

For a chronic procrastinator.


cat trrying to kill you

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You 

Funny cat jokes and authentic cat-themed comics. Perfect for feline-loving friends. Meow.


ostrichpillow 1

Ostrichpillow Light

For your friend who needs a break. A fancy-looking pillow. Can be used for travel, commuting, lounging, reading, or simply taking a stylish break from life.


No matter what kind of gift you opt for during this holiday season, remember to give it with kindness, attention and love. If you are opting for chocolate gifts, make sure you don’t eat them yourself. Same goes for wine gifts. Three more golden rules: Delay buying underwear gifts until Valentine’s, cats and dogs after discussing that with the person you share a flat with, and souvenirs until you are back from summer holidays. 

Whatever gift you choose for the holidays, make it be a decision from the heart, and one that will communicate your true appreciate towards the other person. 

Happy holidays!

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