Beanstock Festival Cups

Coffee Alert: Beanstock Coffee Festival Returns To Vancouver For Its Third Run This November

Vancouverites are due to get extra-caffeinated at the upcoming Beanstock Coffee Festival scheduled for this November 2 and 3 at Granville Island’s Performance Works venue. The festival successfully debuted with its first edition in Vancouver in 2017, and is now back in the city for its third run. It is here to celebrate the city’s booming coffee scene, embracing the spirit of the third wave coffee movement. 

Coffee aficionados from around Vancouver, consumers and industry pros alike, should book their tickets now to secure an entrance. Over the two festival days, attendees can taste different, high-quality brews of coffee including the best craft java available across Western Canada, but also connect with local micro-roasters and indulge in local food and craft beer. 

Some 30 independent micro coffee roasters have been announced to attend Beanstock this year, included Agro, Luna, Pallet, Rooftop and Prototype among others, promising an immersive coffee experience. 

The initiative for having a festival such as Beanstock has stemmed from a team of coffee industry professionals dedicated to expand public awareness of the third wave coffee movement, which is about treating one of the world’s best-consumed drinks as an artisanal food not a mere commodity. The festival organizers also advocate for a more sustainable future for coffee as the world currently devours up to 2.2 billion cups of this beloved, intoxicating drink each day.

The third wave coffee movement has gained momentum as the number of specialty coffee growers, traders and roasters grew in recent years.

The festival features the very best Canadian third wave coffee roasters brewing their most exclusive coffees for the public to discover.

It is here that the public is invited to taste exotic brews, to learn about who’s doing what, to take roasted beans home and stock up on quality brands and manufacturers of brewing equipment. Come to connect with a vibrant and expanding coffee community and culture

Mengo McCall, Partner of the Beanstock Coffee Festival

Vancouver is widely recognized as the epicenter of coffee culture in North America, a reason compelling enough that this year’s Beanstock edition returns to its birth city. Last year, the festival was held in Toronto. 

In the not so distant past, coffee devotees had little opportunities to discuss coffee, the culture and production processes associated with it. Festivals like Beanstock provide for a much-needed platform where coffee-lovers and manufacturers from the region can mingle together. 

Early bird tickets start at $25 each, and include two tokens that can be exchanged for 100-gram samples of artisan quality brewed coffee. If you opt for a VIP Weekend Pass, it costs $75 and comes with an unlimited priority entry access to both festival days and some cool gifts too. For the two festival days, the gates to coffee heaven open at 9:00 am and close at 5:30 pm. 

Don’t waste your time to enjoy your morning coffee at home, but head to the festival venue before all coffee is gone.