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5 Easy Home Recipes Everyone is Making Right Now

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With restaurants and bars remaining closed, you want to know what are some of the most popular treats and dishes everyone’s cooking while #stayathome. These five popular home recipes are easy to make and the end result is deeee-licious.

So, if you are up for cooking and need new ideas, skim through this list and have some fun!

1) Bon Appetit’s Chocolate Cookies

bonappetit chocolate chip cookie compressor
Photo credit: Bon appetit

A bite of BA’s evergreen crispy and chewy Chocolate Cookie really is a bite of wonder. Stirring brown sugar and butter, this is their essential cookie with a classic cookie flavor. You don’t need a mixer of anything to prepare the ingredients, plus baking these cookies takes no more than 10 minutes. And you bet this is the perfect snack for those long nights of watching Netflix. 

Check the recipe here

2) Dalgona Coffee

Miss tasting some new coffee? Worry not. The Dalgona coffee, which has been named after the Korean term for a honeycomb, has gone viral over the past few weeks for all the right reasons. It’s a three-ingredient, simple to make whipped coffee, which perhaps you’ve already seen it since it has well conquered TikTok and Instagram. All you need for your cup of Dalgona is instant coffee crystals from any instant coffee you use at home, sugar, and water. 

Have a look at the video on how it’s made here

But if you’re looking for a more legit version and tastier version, @heyitswing has the goods.

3) Banana Bread 

sallys moist banana bread
Photo credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction

We’ve all been there: the sight of spotty bananas on the counter you are no longer in the mood to eat. So, because you didn’t eat those bananas when they were fresh and not smelly like now, they are just perfect for Sally’s Banana Bread–one of the best banana bread you’ll ever have. It has a fabulously soft crumb, moist texture, and flavor-awesome taste. The more bananas you use, the moister and flavorful the banana bread is. You need 4 bananas for this recipe but sneak peek the entire list of ingredients and how it’s made here

We tried it ourselves and trust us – it is freakin moist and delicious.

4) Scallion Pancakes

chinasichuanfood scallion pancake 1 compressor
Photo credit: chinasichuanfood

Craving for some Chinese breakfast? Scallion pancakes are flatbed pancakes, a popular and traditional Chinese street food that is also very easy to make at home. They are also known as Congyoubing or green onion pancakes.

There are several varieties of Scallion pancakes but the ones we present here are thinner, chewy, and use less oil to prepare. Anticipate a nice aroma filling in your kitchen as you cook these. So, besides green onion, see what else you need and how this savory treat is made over this link here

Jjapaguri (ram-don) with steak 

jjapaguri ramen
Photo credit: koreanbapsang

Ram-don is simple instant noodles, and should you add any beef in it, you get a very tasty meal. The dish first appeared in the Academy-award winning movie Parasite and has since grown its popularity as a try-at-home recipe, first in Korea and obviously now everywhere else.

It’s really easy to make it – all you need to do is follow the steps given here

We hope you’ll have a meaningful time preparing these recipes at your own kitchen. Perhaps you’ll also come up with your own variant of the banana bread or invent a new dish of noodles.

And if you do, we would love to hear about it! Stay safe and keep the good spirits with great food!