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VOLUME 1 is both a statement and a test for us. Being a new visual-first magazine with a mission to cater to the modern diner, there’s a lot to live up to. But there is also a lot of space for us to explore this style and iterate to be something even more grand. In Volume 1, we made a visit to Kitsilano’s Oddfish Restaurant, got a peek at Black + Blue’s transformed Dessert Platter, dived into the Influencer world with Vancouver’s rising foodie Eatwithmao and hear how Chef Alex Jin is pushing Vancouver’s boundaries with his Japanese French fusion style of cooking.


Noms Magazine is a visual food and restaurant magazine for the modern diner. To capture the attention social media and visual-first generation, we use short-form media and videos to connect restaurants and hungry diners like never seen before. Each volume features a restaurant highlight, dish highlight, and interviews with Vancouver's food innovators. 





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